BBC Homepage Beta


I discovered the new BBC homepage, thanks to a visit to Iremonger’s Digital Spaghetti.

The new BBC site is currently undergoing beta-testing, but it has a host of great new design elements that you can check out, in the meantime.

The most outstanding feature of the site is the content customization. You can choose content that you want see by ticking on categories that interest you.

Pick ‘Sports’ and you can choose to view only your favorite sport! You won’t have to browse through sections like ‘Athletics’ and ‘Golf’ if you don’t want to. You can streamline your content even further by selecting only the regions of the world that you want to get news from. Save your settings and that’s all you’re ever going to get till kingdom come.

Sweet, huh?

You can also switch between UK and International versions of the site, reset your Homepage to default and minimize sections of the page for your own convenience.

On top of that, they’ve also simplified the Search Bar to 3 topics for quick searches while having a directory of tags and an A-Z search index.

When it goes live, it just might be the most user-friendly site on the whole freaking Internets.

To understand why the BBC made these changes, you can read up on their web accessibility policy and look at some user case studies.

Also, have a look at the current BBC site to spot the not-so-subtle differences in design.

And don’t compare it to RTM. =P



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3 responses to “BBC Homepage Beta

  1. Awww. You linked me.
    I feel so geeked up now.

  2. Very nice find! I totally love the customization ala My Yahoo! but honestly I rarely use them. Also loving how they kept the type simple by not using to much text as graphics. RTM has a long way to go, perhaps it will look close to this in 2107?

  3. Suffian Rahman

    Haha yeah. RTM’s gotta get its eyes fixed, man.

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