Poor web usability affects your heart!

Mercedes Sanchez Usabilidade, a usability and user experience consultancy firm in Brazil, posted this interesting video on YouTube where they registered the heart rate of a Brazilian citizen trying to order her passport online.

The catch is that the entire video is in Portuguese!

But judging from how the heart rate monitor is cycling through BPMs like a Q-Bert mix, that lady must be having some serious problems getting her passport done.

If anyone from Mercedes Sanchez Usabilidade is reading this, can you re-post the video with subtitles in English, please?

I’d like to know.



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2 responses to “Poor web usability affects your heart!

  1. tudobeleza

    I speak Portuguese and I’ll tell you what the lady says in the beginning as the rest is just small talk by the lady who needs the passport.

    It goes something like this…

    “We’re going to start the process of getting a passport from the Federal Police website, supposing that she has to travel in one month’s time. It will be monitored with the use of a heart-rate detector taken from a stationary bicycle. Even though it’s a simulation, the participant begins with a heart-rate of 77 beats/second, eventually reaching 100 beats/second. We wish to make clear that this isn’t a scientific experiement, merely a demonstration of how a difficult to use site can stress out a person. Now watch!”

  2. Suffian Rahman

    Thanks tudobeleza! The video makes a lot more sense now. I wonder; why didn’t they categorize it as a scientific experiment?

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