DMAM Awards 2007!


(Image courtesy of Nora)

We stole some more metals at this year’s DMAM Awards show. Woohoo.

I’m particularly pleased that our campaign for the new BMW 1 Series ‘What is your idea of joy?’ won a fair share of awards. It was the first online contest that we ever created based on tags and I think playing with tags is a pretty smartass idea. It scored some interesting results, too.

That’s me in the bottom left corner of the picture and the drunk dude sprawled across from me is Yap, one of our interns.

Who says interns don’t know how to rock?



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4 responses to “DMAM Awards 2007!

  1. wat the heck is this man…? my gosh.. posted everywhere around hahahahahahah

    i dint even noe about this if i dint search on google’s engine…


  2. Suffian Rahman

    Of course it’s posted everywhere, Yap. You’re a rockstar intern, remember? =P

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