Research-Based Web Design & Usability Guidelines


We’ve been working on some website revamps lately and one of my essential references for rethinking user interfaces and experiences is Research-Based Web Design & Usability Guidelines from the US Department of Health and Human Services.

What makes the guidelines so relevant is that it measures usability cases based on two things; the relative importance and strength of evidence based on research done by usability specialists.

It’s exhaustive; every single thing related to web design is addressed, from linking to writing web content.


You can also go to places like W3Schools, Nielsen Norman Group and Usable Web, but I think that it’s great to have something solid on your table that you can constantly refer to, like a thesaurus.

So, download the guidelines in PDF, print it out in full color, run off to an art shop to bind it together and always keep it close!

But don’t forget to share it with your account managers, your strat planners, your copywriters, your designers, your typographers, your Flash gurus, everyone in your agency who is involved with website design should read this book.

There should be no exceptions.



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2 responses to “Research-Based Web Design & Usability Guidelines

  1. Great post Suffian. You are steadily building an excellent collection of web usability resources. Count me as a dedicated fan of your blog.

  2. Suffian Rahman

    Hey thanks, Arun. It’s one of the things that I like about what I do!

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