Quiksilver Malaysia


Quiksilver is one of my all-time favourite brands.

I’ve been wearing Quik jeans and tees since my skater days back in high school and I’m pretty sure I’ll still be wearing and endorsing Quiksilver apparel for many years to come.

Funny thing is, I never knew there was a local Quiksilver website because, all these years, I’ve been looking up Quiksilver.com for information on the latest collections.

Well, now that I’ve discovered there’s a Malaysian website, I guess I don’t have to visit Quiksilver ‘Americas’ anymore…

I like the site’s look & feel and easy navigation. In this context, the drop-down links work fine and I think the content is grouped together quite logically. Good job.

There is, however, some room for improvement; I’d like the option to buy or reserve stuff online, I might like to find out what’s going on with Young Guns or Big Wave International on the international surfing scene and of course, it wouldn’t hurt to be able to download some freebies like desktop wallpapers.

There’s some interesting content and you’ll probably be able to find most of what you’re looking for, but it just isn’t as engaging as, say, Quiksilver Australia.

Well, I’ve gotta run.

There’s a 50% storewide sale and I’m off to KLCC to score some new threads. =)



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