Reviews: Juice DJ Quest Regional Final 2007


Way to go, Juice!

The Juice DJ Quest Regional Final 2007 page is web standards-compliant!

It’s always great to see big businesses embracing CSS and best practices, even when it comes to single-page websites.

There are, however, a few things that I’d add to the site to make it better, because it sorta looks like an e-newsletter right now.

I’d add text links to the DJ’s profiles on social networking sites, I’d throw in free promo mixes so that visitors can find out what Malaysian finalist Nikki sounds like and I’d make those nice logos at the bottom of the page clickable – including that cute little Heineken bottle – just in case people want to check out who those logos belong to.

Other than that, I’m digging the nice typography, easy-on-the-eyes layout and of course, the CSS.



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