The Behance Network


I’ve just joined the Behance Network. It’s a new social network for the creative community.

While the concept is not entirely new, I think that there are a few cool things about this social network that sets it apart from others; sure, you get to track down a great gig somewhere across the planet and exchange tips with your peers, but what’s special about Behance is that it also lets you tap into more active and streamlined cliques or ‘creative circles’ than your average Facebook/Myspace/Friendster clone.

Yes, you’ve got cliques on Facebook, too, but I’ll bet that the response rate in discussions in, let’s say, ‘I Work in Advertising’, is nowhere near as hardcore as We Love Helvetica on Behance.

But hey, if you’re looking for a simpler solution to posting your portfolio and hooking up with like-minded people on the Web, there’s always Carbonmade.

Speaking of hooking up, did I mention that there are about 2 pages worth of offers for interaction designers in the USA?

Now, that’s an encouraging thought, isn’t it?


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