Playing Tag


Tag clouds were the inspiration for a website that I conceptualized for the launch of the new BMW 1 Series, in May 2007.

The website centered on an online contest called ‘What is your idea of joy?’. We invited people to share their idea of joy to win a free road trip to Singapore with the 1 Series.

Over 900 people from all over the region contributed their ideas, which were visualized in a massive ‘tag cloud’ of hopes and dreams. We let them personalize their tags with pictures and enabled voting to determine the winners of the contest.

In the end, BMW picked the three folks with the highest votes, lent them the car for a weekend and got them to make videos of their little road trips.

We bent a few rules about tags, and the site’s navigation isn’t the best I’ve ever mapped out, but I’d like to think that it was one of the most original works that we’d done this year.

We learned a lot of interesting things about tags and user behavior, in the process, and some of what we learned is highlighted in a recent post in Smashing Magazine.

Damn, I wish I’d read that post back in May. It would’ve cut down a lot of trial and error, not to mention work hours!

I wonder if someone will one day invent a “Make my tag cloud bigger!!!” cream.

It will work the same way as the “Make my logo bigger!!!” cream does, except that it works only on tag clouds. Duh.


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