What is MtoU?


A good indication of the effectiveness of your offline advertising is whether or not people can recall the URL on your ad, because, what is the point of drive-to-web if your audience can’t remember where you’re driving them to?

I saw a ginormous billboard in Bukit Bintang, KL, with a Domukon-like character on it. It was cool in a freaky sorta way and I thought that the art-direction was awesome.

But I couldn’t recall the URL!

I only remembered hearing about it from a friend who said that it was part of a new Maybank campaign.

So, I Googled it.

I expected to find it on the first page of results but it wasn’t there. So, I guess it wasn’t search-engine optimized, then.

No worries. How about looking for it on Maybank’s website? Surely, there would be a link or a promotional banner to the website on the homepage?


No links.

Next, I went back to Google and typed “What’s M to you?” and what I got was “Did you mean: “What’s ME to you?”.

Oh well.

OK. Let’s try typing out “What is M2U?” I thought to myself.

Nope. Still no luck.

Finally, I clicked on the “pages from Malaysia” radio button on Google and found that the first four search results were all about Hotlink!

So, how did I get to the website?

Honestly, I can’t remember.

But then again, it’s hardly surprising that I couldn’t find the website’s address when I couldn’t even recall what the product was.

So, what is M2U?

I think it is an online contest driven by user-generated videos. I think it’s definitely going to win some awards because the Flash animation is mind-blowing, especially in the details; if you play a video, you’ll notice that the freaky little Domukon dude is actually the progress bar. Woah!

Practical advice?

If you’re going to make a website, I guess it would be important to make sure people know what’s it’s about, what you have to offer and why they are there, in the first place.



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4 responses to “What is MtoU?

  1. iparadiso

    Well I guess not all consumers would go to the lengths you went to find the link to the website. I’ve seen some ads in the US where it just says “Google: Dodge Trucks”. I think that’s pretty clever.

  2. Suffian Rahman

    I agree. I think most consumers would give up after 1 minute of unsuccessfully searching for the site.

    So, can I go to Vegas?

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