My First Web Usability Test

I’ve just snapped up the chance to do a web usability test on a client’s website!

I’m kinda excited about this because I’ve been doing mock-tests on websites on my own and pulling off a test will tell me how much I’ve really learned about usability and interaction during the past year of work. If this goes well, I think I’ll probably be able to provide better insights when it comes to reviewing websites for WSMY.

Plus, it would be awesome if we got the redesign project because, heck, a little more money never hurt our agency.

For the first round, I’ve drafted out a simple questionnaire that’s divided into 3 sections; the test subjects need to complete specific tasks, answer questions about those tasks and provide feedback on their overall user experience. It’s meant to be simple, straightforward and of course accessible to people of all levels of experience.

I’ve been reading up on everyone from Digital Web Magazine to Jakob Nielsen, so I think I’m pretty squared away.

Wish me luck. =)


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