eMenang.com is a contest aggregator blog that publishes the latest news and links to online contests from Malaysian and international brands.

While it’s no secret that a lot of local interactive advertising agencies regularly use the site to promote their own campaigns and product launches, I think that the level of interaction between brands and consumers can be further improved if the brands themselves actually took notice and started sponsoring pages or putting up more featured content on eMenang. Why they’re not making any efforts to cross-promote their products on the blog, I have absolutely no idea. Websites like Lowyat.net have been doing it for years.

The blog also features a forum where members can post their own contests, as well as some useful stuff like a contest toolbar and a slogan tool in case you get stuck with the usual annoying slogan bits.

Design-wise, the blog uses a modified WordPress theme called ‘The Morning After”. Overall, the homepage looks a bit on the noisy side, especially with a cluttered header and disordered navigation bars, among other things. But it’s a layout that you’ll eventually get used to moving around, as most of the content you’ll be looking for is almost always 3 clicks away.

If you’re a contest junkie, this is the place for you.


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