5 things I learnt at Distilled 2007


1. A good idea isn’t defined by a medium. It can be applicable anywhere. It’s just up to you to make the best out of it within a given medium.

2. It’s fine to get the wrong ideas when you’re just cracking a brief. Great ideas don’t come at the beginning of the thought-process, but at the end of it.

3. Knowing your local market and creating ideas that’s relevant to it is better than adapting an international idea to your audiences.

4. True integration is making an idea work both ways; it’s not just a case of applying an ATL idea to an online campaign or tacking on an online element to an ATL campaign.

5. Most people in advertising are still evaluating Web campaigns based on click-through rates, hits and pageviews. They’re more concerned about eyeballs than exchanges.

Distilled 2007 was a half-day seminar that was organized recently by 4A’s Malaysia featuring award-winning guests speakers Scott Witt, Mike Schalit, Farokh Madon and Rowan Chanen.

Apart from the above-mentioned insights, however, I also learned that most ad people are still very much stuck in their traditionalist thinking when it comes to online work.

While most of the speakers were talking about ideation, execution and long copy versus short copy, it was only Scott Witt from Droga 5 who was talking about online conversion rates, Google’s advertising model and consumer-generated content.

It was inspiring to see Scott up there talking about things that matter to me, I definitely identified with his thoughts on a lot of things than some of the other more senior creative directors. It’s good to know that there are people out there who know exactly where it’s at, right now, even though a lot of us aren’t even sure where it’s heading…

Ironically, that sort of thing seems way more inspiring than winning an award.


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