You probably have some questions. Well, here are some answers:

1. “The URL is ‘’ but this blog is titled ‘disinformation architecture’. What’s going on, dude?”

When I decided to start this blog, I wanted to call it ‘Information Architecture’ because I wanted a name that was relevant to my topics of discussion and I wanted to brand myself as not just a web copywriter but also an upcoming information architect.

However, after a quick Google search, I discovered that, duh, there were actually millions of other blogs called ‘Information Architecture’ on the Web. So, I decided to call it ‘disinformation architecture’ because it sounded kind of cooler, instead.

2. “So, what is the purpose of this blog?”

The purpose of this blog is to record ideas and share my experiences as a web copywriter in an interactive advertising agency. Most of my work revolves around not just writing copy, but also thinking about stuff like interface design, usability, content architecture and online marketing. Why? Because, if you want to write for the Web properly, you have to understand the Web.

3. “Gee, did you always want to be an information architect when you grew up?”

Not really. I am, first and foremost, a writer. I’ve always been a writer. But I started writing for the Web at the same time that I got involved with print media; in November 1999, I joined, Malaysia’s first independent online newspaper and at the same time, signed up as a contributor to a small higher-education magazine called Education Quarterly.

Since then, I’ve hit up local publications ranging from The New Straits Times to FHM but I’ve kept my finger on the pulse of the Web.

4. “So, back to information architecture. Do they actually teach that in schools or are you just making shit up?”

Yes, you can sign up for an information architecture course at art school, at university and of course, online.

5. “So, why does it rock?”

It’s a passion. When you’re making a website, or when you’ve decided to embark on a online campaign, you need a guy whose job it is to look at the big picture and consider not just how it’s going to work, but how it’s going to work better. That’s me. I don’t just write copy. I get stuck in with the wireframes and sitemaps and taxonomies. I think about how it’s going to work on different browsers. I try to take it further than click-throughs. Call me a sadist, but I actually enjoy the problem-solving aspects of my job.


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