Slice And Dice


(Image courtesy of The Green Head)

It’s interesting to see how many XHTML slicers like PSD2HTML have turned up on the Web, lately.

A slicer is a person or a small team who code web or e-mail templates into valid XHTML and CSS based on W3C standards.

Essentially, these people offer a smart and quick solution for busy people who’ve either designed or bought templates for websites and need a programmer to slap everything together in kosher CSS.

With turnaround times ranging from 8 hours for a page to 3 days for a complete website, the nice folks can transform your Photoshop layouts to fully-functional pages at a fraction of the cost that it takes to hire a team of designers and programmers.

Off the cuff, it’s a great idea and an excellent push for the Web Standards community, just as long as the slicer does their job properly and as long as you haven’t incorporated any complex back-end mechanics into your website.

(Telcos, don’t even think about it, okay?)

The cons are that what you give is what you get; you won’t have much control over usability -testing or any other sort of ‘fringe benefits’ that usually come with an in-house team or a dedicated web agency.

Also, if you haven’t sorted out your website’s architecture or interface design properly, you’ll probably only notice problems when your site is live (that’s like wearing a pair of ill-fitting Speedos you just bought at the beach).

While I haven’t seen any ads from local slicers, yet, I think it’s definitely a worthwhile endeavour for local web freelancers to explore, as our industry moves every so slowly from “Wow! I just want a pretty Flash site, too!” to “Hello! How can we help you grow your business?”.


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