Enough with the Fold, already

My ECD calls me a ‘scrolling evangelist’ because I’m always raving on about how we should implement a certain degree of scrolling into our website layouts.

I’m just not buying into that whole ‘we must design above the fold’ argument because I think it makes perfect sense to build websites that scroll vertically when you’re going to display a lot of information on one page or want to incorporate white space as a design element. Pages that scroll also let you lead audiences to different parts of the website in a ‘natural’ flow because people are used to looking at things from top to bottom.

The counter-argument that is that your audience isn’t going to be patient enough to look for information or engage in the ‘user journey’ if everything isn’t displayed within the browser window. It sounds logical when you think about it from an advertising perspective, because what’s being highlighted is usually the focus of your audience’s attention.

I used to think like that, too.

But I think that people are quite used to scrolling up and down websites nowadays. We all have our Facebooks and Friendsters and we log in every day to check out who’s saying what on our profiles. We’re cool with lists and cloud tags that expand in every which way. Some of us even take pride in reading articles online, once in a while.

I could bore the hell out of you with data, but I don’t really feel like doing that today.

So, to sum things up, we’re not averse to looking for information on our own. And since scrolling is pretty much part of your everyday experience when you’re using computers, why should it be any different when it comes to the Web?


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