Poptopus Pwns


Introducing Poptopus from the Malaysian web start-up Popfolio.net.

Poptopus is a music player widget that can make money for musicians, bloggers and advertisers.


Well, if you’re a musician, you can upload your own music to Popfolio.net, who makes your tracks available to bloggers via the Poptopus player. If you’re an advertiser, you get to experiment on a non-traditional advertising model that also gives you a head’s up to what’s currently cool in the local music scene.

Now, here’s the interesting part; both musician and bloggers get a share of the advertising revenue, connected to the instance that the music is played, each time a visitor uses Poptopus.

Since you can use Poptopus on as many of your blogs or websites as you want, including MySpace, you can practically execute your own promotional campaigns by bombing social networking sites and seeding fans’ blogs and message boards.

It will be interesting to see what our telcos and record labels make of this, considering that playlists can include anything from caller ringtones to rare ‘unreleased’ singles.

See it in action here.



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2 responses to “Poptopus Pwns

  1. Kevin

    People are making money out of everything. Me no likey.

  2. Kevin

    Jizzy Wizzy. Am I the only reader here? -_-

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