Cornetto lurve kliks


Big up Unilever Malaysia for daring to be different.

They’ve just launched a contest site called Cornetto lurve kliks that is, surprise surprise, almost web standards-compliant.

(The site is not standards-compliant because the HTML is not valid. Oh well. At least it’s different!).

It must have taken the agency and in-house IT department a great deal of wrangling to get Unilever to opt for a simple contest site.

Normally, contest websites from big brands are grandiose, fully-Flash which means that they take forever to load, they’re not search-engine optimized (“We don’t care if it doesn’t turn up on Google because we’re spending three million bucks on TVCs, print, radio and ambient ads!”) and they tend to get so ‘immersive’ that you end up losing the plot.

It’s refreshing to see people try something new, and even though the site is a little messy, you’ll figure out where everything is without too much drama.

Pros: Nice colours, it loads real quick and the learning curve isn’t too steep. Plus, the contest mechanics are pretty straightforward, and that’s great for user interaction, of course.

Cons: An incomplete navigation bar, the audio loads automatically every time you refresh the page (sounds should be user-initiated) and there’s a long list of bad markup, among other things.


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  1. Oh yeah. I hate that audio things that keeps on coming up. Same thing goes to the Channel [V] site, where the video keeps looping, and it’s so annoying. Kill ’em!!

    Hi Boss.

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