Reality Checks Don’t Bounce


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When you get into the world of big-budget websites and integrated campaigns, and we’re talking hundreds of thousands of dollars here, you get a different sense of perspective on things.

It becomes less about pleasing your client all the time (“Do you like how we made the buttons shiny and reflective?”) and more about pleasing your audience (“Please, please, please sign-up because you think you actually have a real chance to win something”).

Also, your work starts to revolve more around getting responses like ‘Wow!’ and ‘Cool!’ as opposed to “Shit, that’s a really cool service!” or “Damn, I wish I had thought of that before they did!”.

In short, your work ethic starts to focus more around filler than killer.

You end up spending more time on making the page background pretty than worrying about whether or not your audience is going to come back tomorrow because you’re giving them something that adds value and purpose to the time that they spend browsing your site – and don’t kid yourself; you’ll be lucky if a person spends more than half a minute glancing through the end result of your beautiful mark-up and careful architecture.

Of course, I could go on for ever, but Scott Gledhill does a hell of a better job of explaining the problem of corporate web standards.

So, go and have ahead and have look. I’m not going to stop you from browsing other sites. As if I could.

If only clients understood that!


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