5 Things the Advertising Industry Must Realise About the Web


The Kancil Awards are coming up.

In the next few months, advertising agencies across Malaysia will go head-to-head in a barroom brawl for creative excellence in Malaysia’s most prestigious advertising awards competition.

Everyone is working double-time, from regional directors to creatives, to haul in those sexy little certs.

But before any of you even think about knicking another ‘interactive’ award, you should realize a few simple truths:

1. The Web is not a giant interactive billboard. People like to be amused and entertained, but they’re also online because they have something important to do.

2. You might be aiming for a specific target audience, but you have to design for everyone (yes, including people with disabilities).

3. ‘Web 2.o’ isn’t going to save your soul. Social networking isn’t a fad; it’s a development brought on by everyone’s increased ability to communicate and share.

4. It does matter what people think about your brand, because if they think you’re a big fat cunt who is ripping them off, they will talk about it on forums, on MySpace and even on MSN.

5. A website is a product. It should be made to last.


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