The Website Development Process


I’ve been working as a full-time ‘web professional’ at an interactive ad agency for the past 10 months.

During this time, I’ve built about 12 or 13 websites – that’s about 1.3 websites a month. Close to 80% of the time, I write all of the copy, from MSN text-links and expendable banners to headlines and error messages. I also work out the information architecture, sketch out the user journey and coordinate the viral marketing aspects of the site and/or campaign.

In short, I wake up every morning and feel like killing myself.

One of the most challenging things that I need to deal with, on a daily basis, is explaining the website development process to people.

(And some of them aren’t even my clients)

It gets even harder when they’re the kind of people who think that making websites is ‘easier’ compared to above-the-line campaigns or consumer relationship marketing.

I mean, how difficult can it be to make something that even their 12 year-old nephew can do?

When it comes to these folks, I usually direct them to cool places like A list Apart, where they teach you stuff about the Web in easily digestible, bite-sized chunks. But the last thing you want to do is overwhelm your clients – or your creative counterparts in the ATL team – and risk turning them into haters because they don’t understand how you work.

Thank God, then, for Ping Mag and their interpretation of the web development process.

Sure, the link is two years old, but it’s still one of the best ways to illustrate what we do, and how we do it.

Account servicing, go knock yourselves out.


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