Wait Till It Comes


What better way to kick off a brand new blog about information architecture and its relation to online advertising than taking the piss out of an agency website.

Off the cuff, TBWA\HAKUHODO takes approximately too long to impress me.

That, and having a ‘Loading’ message that says:



Like most people who use the Internet, I don’t like to be made to wait for anything.

No matter how good it looks or how creative the idea is.

Having a progress bar that asks you to be patient only adds to insult.

Overall, I think agency websites are too preoccupied with presentation, when they should also be thinking about things like behaviour and content.

I’m fine with Flash websites (and TBWA, the artwork is freaking awesome) but when you’re too caught up about how your site is going to look or what it’s going to sound like, you tend to pay less attention to how it’s going to behave on a bad connection or an old browser.

I think agencies should start looking at sites that work well on all accounts, instead of creating stuff that designers like whacking off to.

But that’s just me.

Remember, masturbation isn’t a crime.



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